Photo Credit: Bethany Davis

Doctor of Speech Language Pathology:
Projects & Research

Contact Bethany for research interests on facilitating support groups for adults with neurological challenges.


Some of the projects and research completed by Bethany at Northwestern University:


Policy Analysis Project

As part of examining policy in our field, Bethany completed this analysis looking at the use of Speech Language Pathology Assistants and their value


Process Improvement Project

Using business principles of process improvement, this is a look at how to improve the efficiency and accuracy of how referrals are handled within a special education team.


Nonprofit Business Process Improvement Plan

A team project looking at the steps to grow the current nonprofit, The ABLEties Foundation, founded by fellow cohort member Elizabeth.

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Poster Presentation of Preliminary Comparison of the MOCA vs. MMSE

Working with another member of our cohort, Bethany & Belma examined the specificity and sensitivity between the Mini Mental Status Examination and Montreal Cognitive Assessment for predicting Mild Cognitive Impairment.


Culminating Project

Bethany completed a systematic review looking at the Quality of Life (QoL) outcomes in support group interventions for adults with acquired brain injuries. These results will guide the next steps in further research projects within the state of Washington, working with other regional support group facilitators and state brain injury nonprofit groups.


Teaching & Learning Manifesto

As part of examining styles of learning and building experience in mentoring and teaching others in our field, Bethany completed a personal manifesto of her approach to teaching others.